Liad Ortar named Manager of the Corporate Social Responsibility Institute (CSRI)

3.11.2015; Ramat Gan, Israel. Mr. Liad Ortar has been named Manager of theCorporate Social Responsibility Institute (CSRI) operating at the College of Law and Business (CLB).

Ortar served as Head of Sustainability Reporting at CSRI for the past two years, is replacing Dr. Ofer Sitbon who will continue his work as Senior Academic Advisor. Dr. Ronit Dunitz Kader, former Head of CSRI, will continue to serve as Chief Academic Advisor. CSRI operates within CLB to promote awareness and legislation of socio- environmental Corporate Responsibility in Israel, in an academic and public scope.

Ortar is one of Israel’s leading experts on Corporate Responsibility Reporting and is a prominent figure in this area. Since 2006, Ortar focused his work on corporate responsibility. As CEO of BeyondBusiness Consulting he assisted some of the large corporate entities in Israel in the internalization processes of sustainability and CSR. Ortar was the first to introduce the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) to the Israeli market. Ortar has also erected the Center for Quality Assurance of CSR Reports and he continues to lead the center activity globally. Ortar has a BA in Political Science and MA in Environmental Studies.

Prof. Moshe Cohen- Eliya, President of CLB: “I would like to thank Dr. Sitbon and Dr. Dunitz Kader on their involvement and activity until now. As founders of CSRI, their contribution to Corporate Social Responsibility is invaluable. I would like to congratulate Mr. Ortar on his new position. Mr. Ortar is at the forefront of CSR in Israel and is renowned worldwide for his activity in this field for nearly a decade. CLB is proud to have Mr. Ortar take the lead of CSRI and of CLB’s work in social involvement.”

Mr. Liad Ortar, Manager CSRI: “I’m both excited and honored to have been given the opportunity to triumph over CLB’s commitment to enhance CSRI’s activity. Two years ago, Ofer and Ronit opened the gates of CSRI to me giving the public platform to promote CSR in Israel. Corporate entities in Israel have not internalized sufficiently their responsibility in socio- environmental issues stemming from their business activity. CSRI, with me as Manager, is ready to take on the mounting challenges facing us in promoting the public interests in Israel.”

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